Domino’s Asks Fans to Create ‘Ultimate Delivery Vehicle’

By Bob Marshall 

Say what you will about Domino’s and CP+B making claims that they’re changing the way customer service is practiced in the age of social media, but the Domino’s Pizza Tracker was an invention for the ages. Not only do you get to see what stage of preparation your pizza is currently undergoing, but you also get to see which Domino’s employee is making your pizza and offer them words of encouragement. (Shout out to my boy Ernesto at Domino’s Logan Square location in Chicago.)

But, as is the case with most game-changing inventions, the public is calling upon CP+B and Domino’s to replicate their success. I mean, what do you guys want? They completely changed the pizza recipe, created a special delivery bag, and added a creepy online way to spy on employees during their work day. Isn’t that display of enough?


Well, it’s Domino’s fault for giving consumers a Facebook idea box called the “Think Oven,” because now it seems that customers are requesting a more aesthetically pleasing delivery vehicle. What, the driver’s sedan with a Domino’s magnet stuck to its hood that customers don’t even have to really interact with at all isn’t doing it for America? Apparently not, because Domino’s is taking design ideas at this site, offering a $50,000 pot to those that have the best ideas. Be on the lookout for a new spot featuring Domino’s omnipresent president and CEO, Patrick Doyle, cruising around your hometown and soliciting innocent citizens as only he knows best later this week.