DOJO Debuts First Official Work, Targets Tweens

By Kiran Aditham 

“White” by LIGHTS from a herr on Vimeo.

It took long enough, but now we’ve finally received the first official campaign from San Franciso-based shop DOJO, which was launched last December by Geoff Edwards and Mauro Alencar just months after they left Fancy.


The end result is an interactive music video/AR effort for LG and the brand’s new dLite phone. The video is for the song “White” by Lights and lets people customize their own clip by clicking and dragging elements of the music video onto a timeline. As an added bonus, if you have a webcam in tow, you can take part in an AR experience that lets you make music with your hands and then share with friends and family. Since the “White” track is licensed, the audio’s missing in the clip. You can take part in the whole experience on the LG dLite site.

Seeing as there’s a “Convince Your Parents” option, it’s not hard to guess who the demo is for this phone, which includes “bubblegum” colors and programmable light features. At the very least, whether this campaign is a hit or not, the DOJO camp has finally shaken the cobwebs off. Credits after the jump…

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Project title: LG dLite Brilliant Together

Client company name: LG Electronics


Executive Creative Director/Partner: Mauro Alencar

Executive Creative Director/Partner: Geoff Edwards

Art Director: Chris Masse

Copywriter: Michael Leibowitz

Senior Producer: Annie Uzdavinis

Partnerships: Audrey Santamarta

Production Company:


Director: Sophie Gateau

Executive Producer/Partner: Claude Letessier

Executive Producer/Partner: Cathleen O’Connor

Head of Production: Matej Purg

VFX / Animation:

Paranoid Design Studio

Head of Post Production/Producer: Guillaume Raffi

Lead Artist: Vincent Rogozyk

“White by LIGHTS



Santa Monica, CA

Mixer: Sam Casas

Asst. Engineer: Jeff Malen

Executive Producer: Jessica Locke


New Hat

Santa Monica, CA

Colorist: Bob Festa


Website Sound Design: HiFi