Dogs Bark the Star Wars ‘Imperial March’ in VW Super Bowl Teaser

By Bob Marshall 

Yeah, we know advertising bloggers and “journalists” have been giving a lot of attention to this Super Bowl trailer this morning. But, we can’t remember another time when a :60 “ad trailer” got this much buzz. The bandwagon is just too inviting to avoid.

From Deutsch LA and VW comes “The Bark Side,” a Super Bowl commercial teaser and an obvious nod to last year’s much-beloved “Little Darth” spot. Boosted by an overwhelmingly positive response on social media, “Little Darth” quickly established its place among the best Super Bowl spots ever. Instead of shying away from the hype going into this year’s big game, Deustch and VW are embracing it. Along with the dogs, the duo is drumming up buzz with a microsite, allowing users to invite others to their Super Bowl party using a customized Star Wars title crawl (starting Jan. 27).


But, we’re still a bit skeptical that this year’s spot can live up to its predecessor. Should Deutsch and VW have picked a new theme to go with this year? Indiana Jones perhaps? And, can anything really top dogs dressed as Ewoks, droids, Wookies and Imperial Walkers? Will George Lucas soon announce that the singing dogs will be digitally edited into a “special Blu-ray edition” of the original Star Wars trilogy? By Feb. 5, we’ll have our answers.