Does Grandpa Really Play PS3?

By Jordan Teicher 

I’m not suggesting that grandparents can’t play video games; I’m sure some do, it just seems strange that a whole family would sit around a couch fully invested in watching Gramps play. It seems even stranger–and a little misguided–for 180 Amsterdam to include this scene in their new Playstation 3 commercial. But, since Grandpa shot up from his cushioned seat with such force, I’m just relieved he didn’t throw out his back.

The “Family Day Out” TV spot is the centerpiece of PS3’s Festival of Fun campaign, meant to highlight the versatile gaming options available for the console. The bulk of the commercial takes place at a circus-like setting where kids, parents, and even grandparents, can enjoy the metaphorical pleasures of motion-control video games.


The crux of the idea that video games can bring together a family means that instead of people actually going to circuses and fairs to spend time with each other, everyone can do it in a virtual ecosystem from a leather couch. That whole fresh-air, let’s-communicate-in-person thing is going the way of the CD player, but I suppose 180 Amsterdam is onto something here. If Mom and Dad squaring off in Sports Champions 2 leads to a healthier marriage, why not? Just make sure Grandpa takes frequent breaks to prevent carpal tunnel, stiff joints, worsening eyesight, and a rapid heartbeat. Credits after the jump.

Creative Directors: Graeme Hall & Martin Terhart

Art Director: Robbie Graham

Copywriter: Rachel Holding

TV Director: Ben Dawkins / Park Pictures

Post-Production: Glassworks Amsterdam