Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig Makes an Entrance in W+K Sportscenter Spot

By Patrick Coffee 

Past Wieden+Kennedy campaigns for ESPN’s Sportscenter have featured parkour, James Harden and an aging Metallica.

In its latest “This Is Sportscenter” ad, the agency brings on Dodgers right fielder Yasiel Puig, who might take his team all the way to the World Series this fall.

One can’t attribute all of his success to athleticism and hard work, though: a lot of it has to do with his walkup song. As expected, ESPN anchors Neil Everett, Kenny Mayne and Stan Verrett also make an appearance, the latter accompanied by his own (very different) soundtrack:

Two things we take from Puig’s musical theme of choice: he’s Cuban and he’s kind of a badass. Not that we follow baseball.


In other news, did you know that the eldest and least handsome Hanson has, like, three kids and that the band still tours and releases music? The same is apparently true of the Spin Doctors, further proving that one does indeed learn new things every day thanks to pointless curiosity and the power of Google.

The client’s YouTube page is currently featuring older Sportscenter campaigns, which remind us that there was a time when Michael Strahan did something other than hang out with Kelly Ripa.

Honestly, though, which song would you pick?