Dodge Durango Partners with Ron Burgundy, Because Everyone Loves Ron Burgundy

By Erik Oster 

Dodge and Paramount have joined forces in a co-branded campaign from W+K launching the new 2014 Dodge Durango featuring Ron Burgundy (of Anchorman and the upcoming Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, but you already knew that).

The campaign, which spans television, print, digital and social media, debuted October 5th online and on television. Be prepared to see it everywhere.


“With the personal involvement of Will Ferrell, our writer / director Adam McKay, the comedy team at Funny or Die, and the Dodge creative team at Wieden+Kennedy, we were able to create a truly epic partnership,” says CMO of Paramount Picture Josh Greenstein in a statement. But are the spots actually funny? Some of them — they really very widely in quality. Each of the spots takes advantage of the 70s aesthetic in the Anchorman films, taking place in a colorful, very 70s auto showroom. The first spot, “Horsepower” is a bit of a letdown. It resurrects the tired “comparing horse power to an actual horse” theme commonly used in spots for powerful vehicles.

The staring contest with the horse at the end is almost worth a chuckle though. “Glove Compartment” is a lot better: it features Ron Burgundy toting the Durango’s glove compartment, which can hold “two turkey sandwiches or seventy packs of gum.” Another spot finds Burgundy struggling with a script that touts the Durango’s “m.p.g.” performance. The highlight is definitely “Ballroom Dancers,” featured above, which has a comically angry showdown between Burgundy and dancers that he thinks may “live in the rafters.” A lot of this is stuff that only Ferrell could get away with delivering, and only about half of the time is the writing worthy of his talent, but when it works it works. Plus, it will whet people’s appetites for the Anchorman sequel, which is kind of the point.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues debuts in theaters December 20th. Credits and additional video after the jump. 


PROJECT NAME: Burgundy Durango

CLIENT CONTACT: Melissa Garlick



“Horsepower: Father”

“Horsepower: School”

“Horsepower: Staring Contest”

“Ballroom Dancers: Hide”

“Ballroom Dancers: Dirty Dancers”

“Ballroom Dancers ” (:60)

“Glove Compartment: It Comes Standard” (:60)

“Glove Compartment: Gumball Machine”

“Ride: Saying it Right”

“Ride: Babes”



Creative Directors: Aaron Allen / Kevin Jones / Michael Tabtabai

Copywriter: Mike Egan

Art Director: John Dwight

Interactive Art Director: Chuck Carlson

Producer: Monica Ranes

Executive Producer: Corey Bartha

Executive Creative Directors: Joe Staples / Susan Hoffman

Head of Production: Ben Grylewicz



Co-Writing: Company Funny or Die



Production Company: The Gifted Youth & Caviar (a co-production)

Director: Jake Syzmanski

Executive Producer (Gifted Youth): Dal Wolf / Josh Martin /Ryan McNeely

Executive Producer (Caviar): Jasper Thomlinson / Michael Sagol

Line Producer: Stephan Mohammed

Director of Photography: Tim Hudson



Editorial Company: Arcade

Editor: Geoff Hounsell

Post Producer: Leslie Carthy

Post Executive Producer: Nicole Visram



VFX Company: Method

VFX Supervisor: Ben Walsh

Lead Flame Artist: Claus Hansen

VFX Producer: Colin Clarry

Executive Producer: Robert Owens

Titles/Graphics Trailer Park: W+K Motion



Song (if applicable): “Grazing in The Grass” by The Friends of Distinction



Mix Company: Barking Owl

Mixer: Brock Babcock

Producer: Kelly Bayett