Do You Really Want To Hurt The Seals? Cunning Says No.

By SuperSpy 

The young ladies who staff the New York office of guerilla agency, Cunning, have formed a “band” in the attempt to raise awareness of the Canadian seal hunt. Last year, the Canadian government capped the totals of this annual commercial seal hunt to 275,000 harp seals, 8,200 hooded seals and 12,000 grey seals. Blech! This year, humane societies have made a strong play to have the event banned. Meanwhile, the EU is considering prohibiting all sales of seal products that may be derived from such a hunt.

Cunning and the ladies in the video above, (Chelsea, SJ and Rose) created the video in support of the International Fund For Animal Welfare. Not the best video in the world, right? But, hell… it’s for a good cause.

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