DKNY’s Iconic Soho “Mural” Replaced by Hollister

By Matt Van Hoven 

In your semi-sad news of the day, the DKNY billboard/building mural is going to be painted over, it was reported today. The iconic image, designed by Peter Arnell, shows downtown New York including the World Trade Center, through a cut-out of the letters DKNY.

The billboard first went up 20 years ago, replacing a tobacco ad that went up in 1906. Now it’s going to be covered up by either an ad or another painting for Hollister. I’m pretty sure that’s not a New York brand, but the times they are a-changing, especially in Soho. In recent years the neighborhood has transitioned from a boutique-filled thoroughfare to what basically amounts to a strip-mall. The Hollister sign is indicative of that transition.


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