Disney Chose Not to Crash the “Party in the FIP”

By Matt Van Hoven 

The Gays: cultural driving force, socially active influencers, Miley Cyrus lovers. This week a guy named David Fudge and six of his apparently homosexual friends (uh, just parroting here) posted a video on YouTube entitled “Party in the FIP” and it’s blowing up like whoa. Why? Entertainment value! Never has a Cyrus song, in this case “Party in the USA” been better used, in our estimation.

The video is, as the Times blog MediaDecoder put it, flamboyant. And as we know, flamboyance is bliss to watch.


And the Disney got involved, sort of, and in doing so did something impressive. They left the video alone, except when Rich Ross, president of Disney Channels Worldwide called Fudge (yeah, we know) to say he enjoyed the video.

Apparently Cyrus herself Tweeted about it as well, saying “I am OBSESSED with this video! Let’s make one!”

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