Disgruntled Planner Elevates Farewell Email to an Art Form

By Kiran Aditham 

Humor/photo blog The Chive informs us of what they call “the best resignation letter ever”, which was supposedly sent company-wide by someone at a large Chicago ad agency. It begins with the note:

“Hey Everyone,

Well as many of you know, today is my last day and I’m moving on to be a looper in the Himalayas. I’ll spare everyone the cliche farewell email and share my real thought[s] instead.”

The author, who is/was a senior media planner, then proceeds to break down his/her frustrations in a top ten list, which includes such choice items as:

“9. When you guys were ‘right-sizing instead of downsizing because of the economy’, you fired all the cool people.”

“5. So I don’t have to ask you how your weekend was–I don’t care. It’s exhausting to listen to you and pretending to care then sugar coating my own weekend stories so you don’t recoil in horror.”

“4. Comscore reports. Everyone knows Comscore’s data is garbage but we all drink that kool-aid everyday, don’t we?”

“1. I’ve gotten 3 job title promotions since I’ve been here but no raise. I’ll bet if I asked to be promoted to Senior Media Planner Ninja-Czar, I’d get it with a pay freeze until 2020.”

As a an exclamation point, the disgruntled ex-planner offered the above YouTube clip as their final sentiment towards their former employer. We’ve spent the weekend (well, a tiny portion at least) speculating which large Chicago ad agency this email came from. Now it’s your turn.

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