DiMassimo Goldstein Wants You to #SitOutSantaCon

By Erik Oster 

DiMassimo Goldstein has a message for any of you considering the drunken St. Nicolas-themed bar crawl revelry of SantaCon: Could you not?

“This year, tens of thousands of people will flood the streets for SantaCon in cities across America,” the video begins, followed by footage of some “over-served Santas, inebriated elves and reckless Rudolphs.”

While some may find the sight of shickered Santas entertaining, you know who else witnesses these day-drinking Kriss Kringles? Children.


“They are befouling property, they are doing things that kids shouldn’t see, and they’re doing it dressed up as Santa,” DiMassimo Goldstein CEO Mark Dimassio told Pix11.

Yes, we do suppose seeing an adult dressed as Santa Clauss vomiting cheap beer and greasy bar food in a trashcan could be somewhat traumatic.

The spot finds the humor in the situation as children recall witnessing Santas pee their pants and punch cars. One girl seems pretty amused to deliver a story of seeing Santa Claus and Rudolph touching butts. Another, asked to hold a disheveled Santa asked her to hold his beer. The video concludes with the message “‘Nice’ people don’t do SantaCon” as a disapproving Father Christmas looks on, followed by the tagline.