DiMassimo Goldstein Presents ‘Lonely Shopping Cart’ for FreshDirect

By Erik Oster 

New York-based agency DiMassimo Goldstein crafted a broadcast spot for FreshDirect entitled “Lonely Shopping Cart.”

The whimsical 75-second spot follows a lone shopping cart, somehow transporting itself around town and picking up a bouquet along the way. It faces its share of dangers, almost getting hit by a car, before showing up at a woman’s door to find a FreshDirect delivery truck. The spot ends with the (grammatically incorrect — “breakup” is a noun) tagline “Breakup with your shopping cart,” which also functions as an explanation (in case it wasn’t clear) for the preceding scene. When hosted online (at Vimeo), the spot then offers viewers a digital coupon for FreshDirect. While the ad is not without its share of old school charm, it may suffer from viewers sympathizing too heavily with the shopping cart, who goes through an awful lot just to face rejection.


Agency: DiMassimo Goldstein
Chief Creative Officer: Tom Christmann
Art Director: Tyler Maxson
Writer: Thomas Millington
Account Director: Julia Yale

Producer: Andree Ljutica
Director: Andree Ljutica
Editor: Will Lucas
Director of Photography: Travis Libin
Camera Op: Sam Heesen
Production Coordinator: Nicola Santa
MUA: Valerie Carney