DigitasLBi Boston, Ellen Brennan Go on ‘The World’s Fastest Dunkin’ Run’

By Erik Oster 

DigitasLBi pushes the limits of the term “fast food” with its new spot promoting Dunkin’ Donuts new on the go ordering app.

The agency teamed up with wingsuit base jumper Ellen Brennan to show off the new service. Brennan addresses the camera from atop a lofty mountain perch on the Aiguille de Varan in Chamonix, France, saying, “Watch how fast I can get my Dunkin'” before ordering with the tap of a screen, pulling on a helmet and jumping. She descends to grab a Dunkin’ Donuts bag, suspended in the air outside a pop-up shop further down the mountain before enjoying a donut. 

It’s kind of a fun way to show off the new app, demonstrating how easy it is to use by displaying it at work in just about the most extreme circumstance possible. The spot arrives quickly on the heels of Hill Holliday’s “Keep On” effort for the brand, which launched earlier this month.

The stunt, of course, wasn’t as easy it looks. Brennan was outfitted with a velcro doohickey (official term) on the arms of her wingsuit so that she could easily intercept the Dunkin’ Donuts bag without using her thumbs, which made it less of a distraction from the task of staying in the air on not crashing into a rocky cliffside. For more on how Brennan, Digitas LBi and Dunkin’ Donuts pulled it off, check out the behind-the-scenes footage below (it turns out it took Brennan a few tries to hit the mark). There’s also a 360-degree video from the perspective of one of the cameramen.