Digitas NY No Longer Hiring

By Matt Van Hoven 

And why, you ask? I’m glad you queried. We hear the entire recruiting department has been laid off, and this week will be their last, inside the hallowed…halls…of Digitas New York. Crazy, right? Yeah, we know.

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A quick search of the Digitas NY careers page shows a myriad (no, “of” is not needed here) open positions (We also posted this No Wukkas recently). I guess if you ever wanted to get in there, now is the time (since no one will be there to do background checks, drug tests [heh] and the obligatory first round interview). Err, is it? A call to answer these questions was picked up by someone’s voicemail. Hello &#151 don’t they know AgencySpy is like, the number one source for news they can’t talk about. At least they could give me a “no comment.”

Anyway, here’s some stuff you should know about Digitas’ general presence in the ad-world of late.

When Strawberry Frog picked up David Bryant and beat out AKQA for a client with “heavy on social media and digital capabilities,” things for the giant had already started looking glum.

We hear SF also beat out Digitas on the La Natura account.

More recently, John Farrell, CEO of Publicis’ SAMS (which oversees Digitas) is stepping down. Shit rickrolls downhill, as they say.

On a note of lameness, there was the two-years-too-late RickRolling video, indicating some folks over there have a bit of spare time. This is their attempt at being cool? No thanks.

There’s also a slew of other random findings on Digitas from the past six months, but none of it includes biz acquisitions, renewals or anything remotely fun. OK so the new Mars Starburst launch happened, as did the opening of daddy-Digitas’ second India shop.

On the India upgrade, Alan Rutherford, CEO, Digitas Global, said, “We entered India earlier this year as Solutions | Digitas. A second agency under the Digitas brand banner allows a stronger focus on the southern markets…”

Meaning what, a weaker focus on American markets; outsourced recruiting services to the India shop; or something else totally out of whack? Before this post gets any crazier, I’ll leave you with this: Why can your entire recruiting department? Or not &#151 we still need to confirm this one.