Digitas LBi Wraps Up ‘An Amazing Year’ for Delta

By Erik Oster 

Digitas LBi thanked passengers on behalf of Delta for “An Amazing Year” in a spot which debuted late last month.

“165 million people,” the spot begins with voiceover delivered from Donald Sutherland, “that’s how many of you chose to fly with us this year. That’s how many of you we want to thank.” Delta crew then goes on to craft paper airplanes out of boarding passes, which in turn create a larger model of an airplane, completed by a “backdrop of airy light.” It’s a visually interesting homage to passengers, and Sutherland’s instantly recognizable voice is voiceover gold, as usual, adding to the warm tone of the spot.


“Our goal was to shoot an elegant, tasteful and restrained visual narrative while creating a sophisticated art installation — something that might actually belong in a museum setting,” said director Sam Ciaramitaro. “Handheld, close-up shots that focus on the sincere and honest performances of the real-life Delta employees, combined with the strength of Donald Sutherland’s narration resulted in a very warm piece.”


Agency: DigitasLBi

Head Of Production: Steve Torrisi

Business Manager: Sarra Angelou

Art Director: Tom Hurd

Copywriter: Molly Crawford

Account Executive: Gordon Cortez

Production: Big Spoon Industries

Director: Sam Ciaramito

Executive Producer: Craig Leffel

DP: Drew Wehde

Line Producer: Judy Friedman

Post: Utopic

Editor: Kat Pryor

Executive Producer: Heather Mitchell

Associate Producer: Lauren Gray

Color / Online: Justin Winkler

Motion Graphics: Ryan Gilbert

Sound: Brian Leitner

Assistant Editor: Christen Nehmer