Digitas Chicago Pulls Some Recycling Shenanigans

By Bob Marshall 

Recycling might be a total pain in the ass, but did you know that it can also be fun? At least, that is if we are to believe the above video from Digitas Chicago called “Green Project Recycling.”

As Kris Bass, the copywriter who sent us the video, tells us “We got a little carried away. And shit got weird. Fast. I know Digitas gets slammed a lot on (AgencySpy) for its creative repute. Hopefully this video will change people’s perception. Or make them vomit.” As you make your way through the video, it becomes clear that Bass is not exaggerating. What starts off as just sort of goofy and dumb in the first minute eventually escalates into somewhat surreal absurdity.


Getting past the first minute is well worth it, as we encounter a glowing recycling bin, a man choking and some guy being tackled. While I might not have learned a whole lot about saving the planet from Digitas’ video, I certainly laughed quite a bit. So, nice job, Digitas. It’s rare to see an employee-made video that isn’t full of inside jokes and people acting cute for the camera.