Digital Kitchen Wants You to ‘Step Into Drake’s Hotline Bling Video’ Using the Google Cardboard Viewer

By Erik Oster 

What happens when you make a VR experience for Drake‘s “Hotline Bling” video using the Google Cardboard viewer, then let people try it out and record the results? The ridiculous goofiness below, as created by Digital Kitchen.

Digital Kitchen created the VR experience, along with an accompanying website and the above video, in three days, while people online were still obsessing over the former Degrassi actor’s latest track and music video, selecting the Google Cardboard viewer for its cost effectiveness and accessibility. As you can see, people got pretty into it, busting goofy dance tunes left and right. If that’s your kind of thing, enjoy.

“We love the way VR allows people to be transported into new and different worlds,” said Digital Kitchen creative director Al Mendili. “However, most of the recent advancements are made in gaming and spatial demos. We have been spending a lot of time thinking of new ways to use VR and when we came up with the idea for this concept, we had to make it a reality. Plus, we love the song and video, so who wouldn’t want to dance like Drake.”