Digital Kitchen Rolls Out Indie-Loving Interactive Piano

By Kiran Aditham 

Ladies and gentlemen, please meet “Stanley,” which is being described by its creator, Digital Kitchen, as the “world’s first interactive player piano” that will debut at this weekend’s Capitol Hill Block Party in Seattle (which is basically akin to the Pitchfork Festival). As part of the event, the indie music-loving Stanley has not only learned songs from each of the acts that are taking part (full, pretty awesome lineup here), but will now take your song requests and messages via Twitter. So far, Stanley’s amassed a mere 58 followers, but we’re sure this number will grow and, yes, we are quite anxious to hear what his refurbished, 100-year-old ebonies and ivories can roll out. Credits after the jump.

Creative Director — Matt Mulder
Managing Director — Eric Oldrin
Creative Director — David Mikula, Demetre Arges
Creative Technologist — Alaa Mendili, Ben Chaykin, Cara McKinley
Senior Creative — Josh Hayward
Creative — Koji Minami, Raul Villlalobos
Producer — Dave Brown, Paul Williamson