Digital Kitchen Releases Gorgeous New Branding for Sierra Nevada

By Bob Marshall 

Well agencies, you put together a reel this good, and you’ll probably get some branding work out of it.

At least, that’s how I assume Sierra Nevada brewery found out about Digital Kitchen, and probably included in the creative brief something along the lines of, “Make our brand story look as danksauce as your reel.” Well, DK delivered with the above 4-minute epic, which could totally change the way you think about Sierra Nevada.


It seems as though the brand is making a play for the outdoors-y hipster market, one that has yet to be targeted directly by anyone in particular. As PBR still has the cheap urban-hipster market cornered, Sierra Nevada is making a play at the kind of hipster who likes to go camping, those who carefully consider what micro-brew they’ll buy a case of before hanging out in the woods for a fortnight. So, DK mixes in some vintage photography, some sunbursts, an inspiring indie song and quick blips of b-roll to capture the independent spirit of their brewery. In other words, Sierra Nevada comes off as the classy, smart alternative to Coors.

The re-branding effort also includes a new website, Sierra Nevada’s first in 10 years. What say you, dear beer-drinking readers? Is Sierra Nevada headed down the right wooded trail?