Diet Coke Taps That Duffy Chick

By Matt Van Hoven 

Have you seen her? She’s blond, normally sized and carries a tune. Yes, it’s Duffy, the Welsh singstar with a lounge-singer style and sex appeal that strays away from today’s typical “oh she looks 15, that’s hot” trend. Yeah you, Miley Cyrus. Diet Coke in the UK gets that, and now they’re paying her to represent the brand.

Duffy “will appear alongside other strong, sassy young women who are celebrating their right to stand up to the pressures of modern day life.” What, fake-sugar, brown water and caffeine help alleviate the pressures of the day? Shya reet.


We’re reminded of an old saying: when celebrity enters an ad, it’s to fill the space that the agency’s creativity couldn’t fill.

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