Diesel’s So Dirty!

By SuperSpy 

You be the judge. To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Diesel will be hosting “Dirty Thirty Parties” in 17 cities worldwide. Love that idea of global partying. The spot features some your Dad’s favorite porn stars from the 70s, remixed and animated. Diesel are so clever… editors that is.

The link to this video was sent to us via the tip box as a “good viral.” Look, people. Can we please stop bastardizing the term viral? Videos are not necessarily virals. Maybe they’re wanna-bes, but if it hasn’t been passed on and on, email to email, text to mouth, viewed a whopping amount times online – it’s just a video released by a brand. And, in our eyes, it’s not a great viral unless it creates its own meme (see: Two Girls One Cup or Ray-Ban’s, sunglass virals).

Clients love the term: “Joe, lets be maverick and reach out to the community on the interweb. Lets make a viral to go with this campaign!” But, we, the advertising community, know better. Just because you make a video and throw it up on YouTube, does not make it a viral. Repeat: does not make it viral.


This is a video party invitation that’s pretty fun. Will it grow to be a viral? It’s got a good shot, but it ain’t one yet.

UPDATE: We have a winner! Diesel has slid from video to viral. Creativity was kind enough to share their hit numbers. Nielsen’s buzz meter is busting, as well.