Diddy Joins Fiat Fold to the Tune of Pharrell’s ‘Happy’

By Erik Oster 

Doner created a new global campaign called “Mirage” for FIAT, in promotion of their new Fiat 500L, the first four door vehicle from the automaker (which we guess is now officially Fiat Chrysler Automobiles). “Mirage” enlists the help of Diddy and Pharrell’s hit “Happy,” which you may recall as the song from the world’s first 24-hour music video, and the soundtrack to Despicable Me 2.

“Mirage” is (as you might have guessed) set in the desert. Two lost travelers searching for rescue see Diddy drive by in a Fiat, but dismiss the sighting as a mirage. When they then stumble on Diddy’s REVOLT soiree, they again dismiss the vision as a mirage, with one of the travelers pointing to the new Fiat 500L and saying, “The Fiat over there has four doors. Fiat only makes small cars, it’s not real.” The line draws attention to the misconception that Fiat only builds small cars as a way of introducing the new Fiat 500L, further cemented by the tagline, “Unbelievably Big” (which is sure to elicit snickers and/or “That’s what she said” jokes from certain corners of the ad community). In the spot, Diddy once again proves himself a much more talented comedic actor than rapper (for further evidence, see Made or Get Him to the Greek), delivering the spot’s punchline (which I won’t reveal here) with great timing.


Doner’s global campaign will roll out this Thursday, with the TV spot running both nationally and internationally, and will also include online components. Stick around for credits after the jump.


  • Client: The FIAT Brand North America
  • Agency: Doner           
  • Rob Strasberg: Co-CEO/Chief Creative Officer
  • Jason Bergeron: Creative Director
  • Virgil Adams: Creative Director
  • Kenan Reel: Copywriter
  • Kameron Paries : Art Director
  • Seth Triezenberg: Executive Producer
  • Laurie Irwin: SVP, Director of Broadcast Production
  • Craig Conrad: Chief Account Leadership Officer
  • Kerrin Kramer: SVP, Brand Leader
  • Paul Smith: Senior Project Manager
  • Mark Miotto: Project Manager
  • Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors
  • Editor: Carlos Arias
  • Executive Producer: Carol Lynn Weaver
  • Producer: Angela Dorian

Production Company: PRETTYBIRD

Paul Hunter: Director
Kerstin Emhoff: Co-Founder/Executive Producer
Ali Brown: VP/Executive Producer
Tracy Hauser: Head of Production
William Green: Line Producer
Mauro Fiore: Director of Photography
Ruth De Jong: Production Designer