Did You Know a Kleenex Can Hold 32 Eggs?

By Ella Riley-Adams 

Second only to snow day, experiment day was the best in elementary school. We got to see the legendary combination of Mentos and Coca-Cola, drop eggs off of roofs, and bake cookies in solar ovens. The 90 minutes flew by.

Kleenex and Studiocom, the latter of which recently gave us the “Hand Washing Station” for the Kimberly-Clark brand, channeled this concept into their latest campaign, proving Kleenex’s added strength and absorbency with Kleenex Xperiments. They challenged 100 elementary and middle schools across the country. 10 accepted, and 5 were featured in the resulting videos. I’m guessing these kids were stoked to have more than the usual one-per-unit experiment day. They came up with projects like the “Rolling Mucus Burst” and a “Slime Cannon.”

At Highland Oaks Middle School in Miami, FL the students piled egg yolks onto tissues, comparing Kleenex and “Brand X.” Brand X broke after 8 yolks, while Kleenex withstood the weight of 32 yolks. That’s a lot of representative mucus.

It’s clear that the kids involved in these projects had fun being inventive, and (perhaps due to the brand’s selectivity) their experiments showcased Kleenex’s upgrade. A good time was had by all, and I bet–at the very least–when these kids grow up to be parents, they’ll remember their results and buy Kleenex, not Brand X.

See more at  https://www.kleenex.com/school/.