Did John Condon Get the Boot From Leo Burnett Chicago?

By Matt Van Hoven 

Leo Burnett CCO John Condon is purportedly out, as in no longer with the agency, according to Lewis Lazare of the Chicago Sun Times. Condon was allegedly, “tossed to show the agency is supposedly serious about turning itself around and boosting its imageo revamp the shop’s beleaguered image,” wrote Lazare.

He continued, “But truth-be-told, Condon was pretty much a non-starter from the get-go in Burnett’s top creative post, though he had been with the agency for nearly two decades when he got the job (in 2005).”


Condon succeeded Cheryl Berman. An agency representative was apparently out of town and the subordinate we were forwarded to didn’t respond to our e-mail. So, Leo Burnett couldn’t be reached. Yeah.

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