Did Havas Canada Create the ‘World’s Largest Sustainable Billboard’ with a Tractor?

By Patrick Coffee 

We are generally skeptical of anything claiming to be the world’s first or biggest or best. It’s a big fucking planet, you know?

Anyway, Havas and client Greenfield Natural Meat claim to have created the world’s largest “sustainable billboard” in the middle of some fields in Manitoba.

You know, Canada. Also known as “one of the countries that hasn’t pulled out of the Paris Agreement.” Here’s the video.

That’s not technically a billboard, but it does cover 70 acres. Kind of made us think of the Nazca Lines in Peru that only aliens and Illuminati can see.

A lot of effort went into this project, which Havas Canada VP and creative director Cory Eisentraut calls “a labor of love.” And it’s pretty cool that the client was into it.

It’s all about highlighting the fact that, as one can see clearly in the messaging, Greenfield doesn’t use antibiotics and raises its animals in open pens.

From client VP and GM Domenic Borrelli: “The overuse of antibiotics in the food chain is a serious public health issue and animal care issue, and Greenfield has a better way. We exist to make the world a better place by producing meat a more natural way, and that means saying no to antibiotics.”

So at least someone cares about the big, floating rock on which we all live.