Diageo Will Prob. Want to Know About Crispin’s Private Label Bourbon, Angel’s Envy

By Matt Van Hoven 

Earlier* we mentioned how the Boulder-agency-that-could is crowdsourcing, via Crowdspring, a logo for some new bourbon called Angel’s Envy. It’s not a Diageo label, but Jose Cuervo is, and since the tequila is Crispin’s charge, we wonder how the client feels.

So we emailed them to ask, and hope to hear back soon since that’s what they offered via auto-response email. Meantime, some details on this Angel’s Envy bourbon.


It’s CP+B’s private label, a source with knowledge of the stuff tells us. There are investors and everything (though we don’t know who, just the agency at this point), and was created by Lincoln Henderson who used to be Jack Daniel’s &#151 the brand, not the guy &#151 master distiller.

The idea for this product came before Crispin won Jose Cuervo, and so it wasn’t a problem. Maybe Diageo just doesn’t care, but we’d doubt that since they have a bunch of whiskey/bourbon brands.

Another interesting tidbit is that Angel’s Envy was apparently ready to go about a six-months ago but due to agency in-fighting and that there isn’t a “client” to pay for it, the thing never made it to distribution. And yes, that does mean Crispin had a logo for it, packaging, et al. So why go backwards? Maybe to garner some crowdsourcing street cred &#151 which is a guess.

*Sorry to bombard with Crispin stories today (this makes two, on the same subject).

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