DHL Gets Out Of The US. Where Does That Leave Ogilvy?

By SuperSpy 

Oh snap. Delivery company DHL has announced that it will cut 9,500 U.S. jobs and close its domestic ground hubs from 412 stations to 103.
DHL will keep a couple of thousand bodies in the US to service its international customers. This new shift in focus follows a 5,400 job reduction earlier in the year.

Ogilvy has been their on/off AOR, since 2004 and really, they’ve been doing a darn good job with CD Mike Lescarbeau leading up the team in the US. In 2007, DHL’s spend was estimated at $50 million annually in major measured media, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus. That’s a lot of cash to lose.


Addendum: Our bad. We didn’t realize that Mike Lescarbeau lasted only six months at the shop before bailing. Ogilvy is a tough nut to crack.

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