DFCB Loses MillerCoors

By Kiran Aditham 

Wow, well, guess you can chalk this up to “wanting a fresh start” reasoning. Even with the slightly amusing Punch-Top can effort for Miller Lite that’s making the rounds all over the telly, it wasn’t enough for DraftFCB to hold on to the MillerCoors business as the brand has parted ways as of this morning with the aforementioned agency and thus ended a 30-year-plus relationship (Razorfish also lost its portion of the creative duties). Here’s a statement from Draft:

“We are obviously very disappointed by this decision, but have no choice but to accept it.  We are extremely proud of the work we have produced for MillerCoors over the course of our relationship, and we wish the client continued success going forward.


We’re especially pleased to have helped Coors Light surpass Budweiser as the country’s #2 beer earlier this year, and we look forward to continuing our assignments with MolsonCoors in Canada, and with Coors in China and Puerto Rico.”

We’ve been hearing grumblings about a possible rift between MillerCoors and Draftfcb since November of last year, and according to AdAge, the brew brand has now decided to work with a new Chicago-based WPP team (let us guess, “Team Miller?”) that includes folks from JWT, Y&R, Ogilvy and Grey. But with SC Johnson and now this, one has to wonder what the future really holds for the DFCB Chi camp. After the jump, check out one of said agency’s more notable Miller campaigns in recent years.