Deutsch Launches Father’s Day Effort for Angel Soft

By Erik Oster 

Last year Deutsch launched its “Be Soft. Be Strong” campaign for Georgia-Pacific toilet paper brand Angel Soft with “Happy Father’s Day, Mom,” which celebrated single moms.

A year later, Deutsch takes a different approach to the holiday as part of the same campaign, focusing on one self-sacrificing father, Melquiades Rayos, who immigrated to the U.S. from the Philippines and works three jobs to support his nine children. Apart from the daughter he lives with, all of the children are still back in the Philippines, with Rayos working three jobs to speed up the petition process so that his family can join him in the United States. Over the course of the two-minute spot, Deutsch introduces viewers to Rayos and his daughter, allowing them to tell their story in their own words, before surprising them with tickets for a flight to the Philippines, so that the family can celebrate Father’s Day together. 

It’s another example of the “sadvertising” that has been the hallmark of this campaign, but it’s a bit more successful than past efforts. While the spot still has little if anything to do with toiler paper, the brand steps in here to make a difference in someone’s life, earning them goodwill with viewers with the support of a good cause, in this case one hard-working man and his family. This whole approach would make a lot more sense for a tissue brand, as viewers reach for something to wipe their eyes after the spot gives them a case of the onions. That said, this particular spot is probably the best example of the “Be soft. Be strong” brand positioning thus far, as well as a timely release, even if the brand reveal will still come as something of a head-scratcher to viewers unfamiliar with the campaign. The “Happy Father’s Day” messages in different languages at the conclusion of the spot is a nice touch as well.

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