Deutsch LA’s Talking Cow Now Raps to Flo Rida

By Ella Riley-Adams 

Last time we brought up Deutsch LA’s talking cow, it was gossiping about middle school in the kitchen. Now, in the latest Fred Savage-directed spots, we’ve got one rapping to Flo Rida and another bringing the fam together with some good old fashioned poker. While the overly enthusiastic and anti-technology cow reminds me of an aunt who works in real estate and smells like potpourri, Flo Rida cow hits the nail on the head.

The latter ad features two girls singing a Cody Simpson (aka bland Bieber) song ridiculously titled “iYiYi.” Though the girls look back to include their cow friend, she’s just chilling, as cows are wont to do. She’s thinking, “Hmm, where’s the closest grass? Can I leave soon?” When it’s time for rapid-fire Flo Rida verses, she brings her best game. She’s not a normal cow but I appreciate that, between spitting rhymes, she maintains her nonplussed bovine behavior.


Fred Savage says his kids love these spots, and they do seem to align with the quick dialogue and humor of a Disney Channel show. But if the California milk people want to appeal to those who actually buy the milk, the less exaggerated cows will do the trick.