Deutsch LA Tells Us What Agency Folks Really Think About Advertising

By Kiran Aditham 

We guess it’s a Deutsch-heavy kind of day, for better or worse. This time, it’s the LA office chiming in with a series of videos that have been created to help promote the agency’s Cannes panel next Monday called “Ending the Agency Talent Rotisserie.” According to Deutsch, each year, a third of the agency workforce will move on to new jobs, which is an issue that execs from the LA office will address at Cannes while also unveiling a new retention study they created with the 4A’s.

These videos, meanwhile, address the frustrations felt by different types of agency folks feel that would cause them to leave. Why do we feel this effort is like one of those agency/industry-related Tumblr sites we’ve covered brought to life? And sure, you can say some of the fun is sucked out due to the constant censoring, but that’s part of the “joke” and what the Deutsch LA folks had in mind all along. Besides, they won’t waste too much of your time. Peep two more clips and credits after the jump.


Copywriter: Rob Goldenberg, VP and ACD

Art Director: Barney Goldberg, VP and ACD

Chief Creative Officer: Mark Hunter

Producer/Director: Eric Kaufman

Editor: Austin Bauer


Creative Video: Barney Goldberg, Rob Goldenberg

Account Video: Jeff White, Mai Nakamura

Producer Video: Tessa Banks, Amanda Rantuccio