Deutsch LA Introduces ‘Randomly Chosen One’ for Taco Bell

By Erik Oster 

Deutsch LA introduces Taco Bell to Destiny in a new ad promoting the chain’s PS4 Destiny bundle sweepstakes with its Quesarito Big Box.

In the spot, a small guy enjoying a Quesarito Big Box is thrown into the world of Destiny, where a commanding officer refers to him as “The Chosen One” and expect him to lead the vanguard. “I’m from New Jersey, I don’t know what he’s talking about,” the guy says after explaining (in a perhaps too obvious line) that he won bought a Quesarito Big Box and won a PS4. “The Chosen One” manages a blunder near the end of the spot that may make his leader second guess his notions that he’ll lead them to victory, leading into an explanation of the promotion, which runs until November 19th. The spot makes sure to mention that there’s “a winner about every 15 minutes,” a claim that may sound pretty convincing to young viewers with a hankering for some Taco Bell and PS4.



Deutsch LA: Agency:
Pete Favat: Chief Creative Officer
Brett Craig: Executive Creative Director
Scott Clark: Creative Director
John Baker: Associate Creative Director
Chris Jones: Associate Creative Director
Jeremiah Wassom: Sr. Art Director
Vic Palumbo: Director of Integrated Production
Paul Roy: Executive Producer
Jamie Gartner: Integrated Producer
Walter Smith: Group Account Director
Katie Kalges: Account Director
Krista Slocum: Account Supervisor
Caviar Content: Production Company
Keith Schofield: Director
Stephan Mohammed: Producer US
Bob Dvorak: Producer CZ
NO6: Editorial Company
Chan Hatcher: Editor
Chrissy DeSimone: Executive Producer
Kendra Desai: Senior Producer
The Mission: Visual Effects Company
Rob Trent: Creative Director
Michael Pardee: Managing Director
Piotr Karwas: Animation Director
Diana Cheng: VFX Producer