Deutsch LA, Imagine Dragons Hijacked the Grammys for Target

By Patrick Coffee 

In case you missed it, Deutsch LA gets credit for dropping a Grammys first last night: an ad that wasn’t quite an ad at all.

The agency gave followers some context before the event:

 …and a couple of viewers who double as Deutsch employees definitely get it:

The agency’s creative team got a bit less credit than usual for this campaign, which the release describes as “a collaboration between Target, Imagine Dragons, director Jonas Akerlund, Deutsch LA, Haworth, Grammy Network CBS, Target’s social-media partner Carrot Creative and PR partner Rogers & Cowan.”

As we now know, the move posed something of a risk for Target, which paid $8 million to buy an entire commercial break for the campaign. Here’s one of Carrot’s teasers:

Since the ad simply featured the band playing a song, any judgement of its aesthetic merits will be closely tied to one’s opinion of the band in question. But the campaign did link directly to the client’s retail initiative involving a product that will only be available at Target:

The meaning of the #MoreMusic tag was twofold, then: viewers got more music during the Grammys broadcast thanks to Target’s ad spend and consumers will also get more music when they buy the album from Target. Observers, however, couldn’t seem to agree on how to classify this project:

Was it content marketing or native advertising? And does anyone really care?