Deutsch L.A. Returns to Real for CMAB

By Erik Oster 

Deutsch L.A. launched a new campaign for the California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB), entitled “Return to Real,” with four new 30-second spots.

Each of the ads — “Grilled Cheese,” “Baked Potato,” “Smoothie” and “Pizza” — highlights a common dinner staple either composed of, or elevated by, dairy products, ending with a look at a real California dairy farmer. “Grilled Cheese” for instance, shows the making of “The beloved grilled cheese sandwich” (complete with obligatory cheese pull, of course) before ending with California dairy farmer John Verwey saying, “Just doing my part.” Other dairy farmers chime in with variations such as “You’re welcome” and “Happy to help.”

The tagline for the campaign, “Return to Real” emphasizes the wholesome approach of the campaign with a call to families to look for the California Milk Advisory Board seal on products for assurance that their dairy products are up to snuff.

Each spot communicates the message well enough, but fails to deliver it in a memorable way (How many times have you seen a similar cheese pull in an ad with a grilled cheese?), even with the real dairy farmers signing off at the conclusion. After watching the series, the thing that actually stayed with me was the lack of a lid on the blender in “Smoothie” — how does it not just spray all over the place? — which is probably not what Deutsch and CMAB had in mind.


Client: California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB)

President, CEO: John Talbot
VP, Marketing: Michael Freeman
Director of Producer Relations: Kris Costa
Agency: Deutsch LA
Chief Creative Officer, North America: Pete Favat
Executive Creative Director: Paul Keister
Executive Creative Director: Tom Adams
Creative Director/CW: Jeff Bossin
Sr. Art Director: Paulo Cruz
Director of Integrated Production: Vic Palumbo
Executive Integrated Producer: Megan Meloth
Integrated Producer: Mariana Perin
Music Director: Dave Rocco
Group Account Director: Erik Petersen
Account Supervisor: Mel Smith
Assistant Account Executive: Cassie Pappas
Chief Strategic Officer: Jeffrey Blishy
Group Planning Director: Thas Naseemuddeen
Director of Integrated Business Affairs: Abilene Guillermo
Senior Business Affairs Manager: Denise Wright
Director of Broadcast Traffic: Carie Bonillo
Broadcast Traffic Manager: Sarah Freeark
CEO, North America: Mike Sheldon
President, Los Angeles: Kim Getty
Production Company: Uber Content
Director: Daniel Strange
Director/DP: Kramer Morgenthau
Executive Producer/Owner: Preston Lee
Executive Producer/Owner: Phyllis Koenig
Senior Executive Producer: Steve Wi
Line Producer: Alexandra Lisee
Bidding Producer: Adam Litt
Staff Production Manager: Anne Vega
Editorial: NO6 Editorial
Editor: Chan Hatcher
Executive Producer: Crissy DeSimone
Producer: Kendra Desai
Producer: Tole Barrera
Finishing Engineer: Verdi Sevenhuysen
Music “Grilled Cheese,” “Baked Potato,” “Pizza”: Travis & Maude
Creative Director: Dave Wittman
Executive Producer: Kala
Music “Smoothie”: ELIAS
Executive Creative Director: Vincenzo LoRusso
Creative Director: Michael Goldstein
Executive Producer: Vicki Ordeshook
Head of Producer: Katie Overcast
Producer: Nora Mindell
Audio Post: Lime Studios
Executive Producer: Susie Boyajan
Mixers: Loren Silber, Dave Wagg