Deutsch Creative Director Leaves Agency Life to Travel the World

By Erik Oster 

deutschDeutsch vice president/creative director Andy Pearson left his position after more than two years on Friday to go on a yearlong trip around the world with his wife while they still have the time.

Pearson won’t refer to himself as a “creative experientialist” like the couple from “How Far From Home”— he’s officially a freelancer for now. He may, however, return to the agency in orange after circling the globe. A spokesperson told us, “We’re big fans. He’ll always have a place at Deutsch.”


“I’m actually super bummed to be leaving Deutsch,” said Pearson. “Usually when you leave an agency it’s because you feel like you’ve done everything you can or you’re so over the place that you can’t even. This is neither. My wife and I simply got the harebrained idea to go off and travel while we can. Barring any appearances in a Thai prison, we’re planning to spend the year traveling and freelancing as a team from wherever our laptop can pick up a wifi signal. In advertising, there’s never a good time to leave. But occasionally there are good reasons. And this is just one of them. (Plus, I’ll probably be back at Deutsch in a year anyway.)”

Since arriving at Deutsch from CP+B in October of 2013, Pearson had focused primarily on the Taco Bell account. He spent five years with CP+B, beginning as a senior interactive copywriter in October of 2008 and working his way up to interactive ACD and VP/ACD. While with CP+B, he contributed to campaigns for brands including Old Navy, Microsoft and Baby Carrots; previous freelance gigs include a stint on the Starbucks business at W+K.

Pearson seems to be adjusting well to post-agency life so far.

Where will these bold travelers go? Sources say they’re fond of Southeast Asian beachfronts, but it’s a big world out there–so we wish them the best and hope that they don’t end up scrubbing toilets.