‘Depressed Copywriter’ Returns, Now Perhaps with Double the Depression (Updated)

By Kiran Aditham 

In case you forgot, a few months ago, we spotlighted the plight of a person who described themselves as a “depressed copywriter” whose mantra at the time was “Life is flawed. I hope you agree.” Well, perhaps the lithium, Prozac or whatever it has yet to kick in as we received this note on our Facebook page below:

Dear AgencySpy.com,


It’s time.

I can no longer be alone in this endeavor.
One person cannot shoulder such a task.
There is too much unrealistic happiness in this world.
It’s at a level which is unobtainable.
And this drives us all into misery.

It’s time we level with everyone.
This world we live in is just a story.
Written by people who think they can manipulate us.
And we just need to tell them one thing.
They aren’t the only ones who can write.

It’s time.
It’s time we put our pen to their paper.


With pleasure.

– Depressed Copywriter”

Yes, the original idea of revising copy on random ads remains intact, but judging from the title of the URL, our glass-half-empty friend appears to have assembled a posse. We’ve all been warned.

Update: Well, our “Depressed Copywriter” is one Chris Sheldon, who started his site with three friends who are copywriters at McKinney, VB&P, and Union Made. According to Sheldon, “We all just graduated from VCU Brandcenter this past spring. And today we are handing over our tumblr to everyone now as per a suggestion by the nice people over at MTV.