Dentyne Gives Us Time

By Matt Van Hoven 

Update: We mentioned this campaign when it first launched, sans commentary (it was in a link round-up). We wrote about it today because like many people the “big idea” didn’t sink in until today. Well, maybe it’s not a “big idea” but you know what we mean. Also the video above was shared with us by Alan Wolk, and it provides a deeper look into the campaign and its accompanying Web site.


We just realized just how refreshing and uncommon Dentyne’s latest campaign is, and for whatever reason were pleased by the reminder to take the time to hang out with the people we care about. There was a pleasant, “Ahh” moment as this happened, and it sickened us.

The message is contrary to the idea of media-neutrality (yeah, we just realized this) and effectually tells people not to spend time on the Web &#151 which is the exact opposite of pretty much every campaign under the sun these days. And that makes it even better.

Dentyne wants you to buy their gum, but the ads don’t push you to clickity click clack around their Web site or use some flashy new Facebook app or a microsite game. The message is so simple that’s almost impossible to be annoyed about the gum. It’s like a PSA you’d see in Heaven, if it were a town in Ohio people went to for spa vacations.

And yes, this campaign is weeks old. But please, campaigns run for decades, and sometimes it takes awhile for (this guy) people to get the message.

We went to Dentyne’s Web site for yet another nice surprise. It only allows visitors to stay on the site for three minutes. There’s even a clock that counts down how long you’ve been there, warning you of impending shut down. (note: when you watch a video, the ticker stops, only to start up again when between site activities, which are limited).

Maybe being a blogger has jaded us. Maybe we spend way too much time online, in front of the TV, in books and magazines &#151 yeah we definitely try to absorb too much. There’s an empty space on a beach somewhere, and Dentyne helped us remember that. And that’s how advertising should be.

But, the gum sucks.

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