Dentsu Launches Opening Sprint for Nintendo’s Super Mario Run

By Erik Oster 

Dentsu launched the opening spot for Nintendo’s Super Mario Run, promoting the December 15 release of the mobile game, which marks the first time a Nintendo game will appear on a non-Nintendo platform.

Dentsu promotes the game, which will be available on iPhone and iPad via a lot of excited running and some daring parkour. By the conclusion of the spot a large group of people are running through the city, led by Mario, who races towards the end-stage flag.

The spot celebrates the excitement around the release, which Nintendo anticipates to be one of the largest in its history. Its wide swath of excited gamers also taps into the wider audience Nintendo hopes to appeal to by leveraging its most beloved franchise on the mobile platform. So far, the response to the video, over five million views in just a few days, seems to indicate that there’s plenty of interest for the game beyond the Nintendo fanboys counting down the hours until its release. Very much an introductory effort, the spot leaves plenty of new directions for Dentsu to explore in promoting the game once it makes its debut this Thursday.

Client: Nintendo
Agency: Dentsu Inc.