Dem Haters And Juan Cabral

By SuperSpy 

There’s been fast and furious rumors regarding the pay of Fallon London’s superstar creative, Juan Cabral. Apparently, the young buck takes home a million pounds. Heavens. Didn’t know that anyone in the business who wasn’t a Managing Director of a Death Star still made that kind of cash.

BBH blogger Scamp had this to say:

“We need Juan to be earning a million pounds a year, if we want to retain our status. You wouldn’t want to work in a third-tier glamour profession, would you?”


I would have to agree. Bully to Juan for taking home the big bucks. How much has he made for Fallon or his clients for that matter? The old adage of paying for what you get still holds true.

Naturally, people are going to be green with envy if this is 100% true. Juan and everyone else doing there thing should just put their head down, keep rolling and listen to Rihanna:

“They keep evil thoughts in their hearts (what you dont know)
You can’t let them knock your hustle
Not letting them know how much you struggle
They turn green with envy when your on top
And dem heart is full with strife
Their by gonna try to take your life”