Delta’s ’80’s In-Flight Safety Video’ Crams as Much Decade’s Worth of Nostalgia Into 5 Minutes

By Erik Oster 

We’re not sure who’s behind it, but “Delta’s 80’s In-Flight Safety Video” manages to turn the normally insufferable flight safety video into something totally rad (Update:  It is W+K NY, credits after jump).

The 5:22 video should send a welcome wave of nostalgia over children of the 80s (I don’t really qualify, although I did have a Teddy Ruxpin). It manages to cram as many 80s references as possible into the video, while simultaneously tackling the basics of flight safety. From mullets to Alf to vintage electronics, the cultural touchstones are piled on so fast you might not catch them all. It’s definitely the most entertaining flight safety video we’ve ever seen, and a clever way to get people to watch something they’d normally ignore. Bonus points for enlisting Jerry Casale from Devo.


Executive Creative Directors Scott Vitrone/Ian Reichenthal

Creative Directors Sean McLaughlin + John Parker

Copywriter Greg Rutter

Art Director Alan Buchanan

Head of Content Production Lora Schulson

Producer Cheryl Warbrook

Account Team Nathan Stewart + Dipal Shah + Jasmina Almeda

Director of Business Affairs Sara Jagielski + Quentin Perry



Production Company Arts & Sciences

Director Matt Aselton / Azazel Jacobs

Executive Producer Marc Marrie

Managing Director Mal Ward

Line Producer Zoe Odlum / Dina Oberly

Director of Photography Corey Walter


Editorial Company Mackenzie Cutler

Editor Ian Mackenzie

Post Producer Evan Meeker

Editorial Assistant Nick Divers


VFX Company MPC

VFX Lead Flame Marcus Wood

VFX Compositors Marcus Wood

Producer Philip Whalley


Telecine Company Company 3

Colorist Tim Masick


Mix Company Mackenzie Cutler

Sound Designer Sam Shaffer


Song Black Iris

Artist Chill Pill 80’s