Dell, Y&R New York Show Brothers Can Get Along with Proper Technology

By Jordan Teicher 

What would it look like if J.K. Rowling was sleepy and directed a Dell commercial? That’s mostly a compliment for “Brothers,” a cutesy spot that doesn’t draw attention to itself, but could’ve done so a little more, considering it’s going to run during the Olympics. With whimsical storytelling and a few colorful scenes, there’s enough material to hold your attention for the time being.

The story focuses on two brothers, the Kavanaughs, who have a strong connection, even as children. They grow up to start a business together, Kavanaugh & Kavanaugh, not to be confused with Kavanagh & Kavanagh, a real law firm in Millville, NJ, I found on Google after watching. The Kavanaugh brothers, who have never been separated, know that they must for their business to succeed. So, one brother heads to Asia to globalize the company. How do they do this? With Dell products and with tablets that aren’t affected by blackouts. There’s a good story here, and I must give credit for the lack of overbearing product placement, but this spot could use a bit more verve. Credits after the jump.


Y&R New York:

Jim Elliott CCO

Jim Radosevic EVP/Global Creative Director

Fern Cohen CD/Art Director

Margot Owett CD/Copywriter

Craig Jelniker Executive Producer

Taylor Schomann Assistant Producer

Judith Pardo Business Affair Manager

Jessica Dierauer Executive Music Producer

Rachel Rauch Assistant Music Producer

Joe Rivas EVP, Global Client Leader

Lara Griggs Global Account Managing Director

Danielle Honrath Account Director

Laura Frank Planning Director



Production Company: Anonymous Content

Tomas Jonsgarden Director


Editorial: Work Post

VFX/On-Line/Color: MPC

Music: Woodwork Music

Audio Post: Heard City