Dell Ups its Game, Brings a Graphic Novel to Life

By Bob Marshall 

From Dell’s lead agency Y&R NY comes this enchanting new TV spot that tells the story of a cubicle slave named Thomas and his aspirations to be something more.

Obviously, 2013 finds Dell in quite a different spot than they were in a decade ago. While “Dude, You’re Getting a Dell” was seen as a major success in convincing parents worldwide that their college-bound spawn actually needed a computer, the company is now the butt of tech jokes. In fact, consider this headline from last week’s edition of The Onion: “Dell Acquired By Gateway 2000 In Merger Of 2 Biggest Names In Computer Technology.” Yes, Michael Dell’s buyout of the company is seen to be as relevant as Gateway 2000. Ouch.


Dell has been relying big on Y&R, especially after parting ways with Sid Lee and Arnold in January. With spots like “Thomas: Creator of an Alternate Universe,” Y&R proves that Dell made a wise move consolidating their commercial work with one agency. Not only do we get some great visuals, but we actually see the Dell XPS laptop in action, looking (to be honest) surprisingly forward-thinking for a company that my generation sees as playing catch-up for the last few years. Add to great advertising some bold business moves, and Dell could yet find the pathway to long-term profitability. Credits and a behind-the-scenes clip after the jump.

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