Dell Promotional Stunt Goes Terribly Wrong

By Kiran Aditham 

An in-house promotional stunt at Dell campus in Round Rock, Texas completely backfired yesterday as cops responded to numerous 911 calls reporting that a masked gunman was inside the computer giant’s offices. Clad completely in black, the biker-looking bloke was carrying two metallic objects and telling people on the campus’s sales floor to “go to the lobby.”

Well, it turns out that a sales manager set up the stunt as an internal promotional event to celebrate the release of the new Dell Streak tablet, and the “gunman” wasn’t actually carrying any weapons at all, just simply urging folks to head to the lobby for the Streak unveiling. Too bad police didn’t find the funny in it all as they arrested the masked man, Bryan Chester, and his supervisor, Daniel Rawson, and both face misdemeanor charges of interfering with public duties and deadly conduct. We concur with a tipster who says that sometimes,  corporate folks should just leave it to the professionals.