Del Campo Saatchi, BGH Know How Much You Hate Buffering

By Erik Oster 

Del Campo Saatchi Buenos Aires launched a new spot for the BGH Joy smartphone illustrating the frustrations of buffering.

The ad depicts a series of protagonists in gray on the right side of the screen, running from menacing forces in red on the left side, including a rugby team, a train and a swarm of angry hornets. For some reason, the surreal attackers’ color and animation style is reminiscent of Fire Station Agency’s “Crazy Healthy” campaign for POM. Eventually, the camera pans out revealing a loading bar for a video, which is buffering.

It’s a clever, evocative way to dramatize the frustrations of waiting for a video to load, only to be met with seemingly endless buffering. The spot ends with the message, “Downloading shouldn’t be a drama. Switch to a BGH 4G LTE smart phone.” Frustrating load times and buffering are problems everyone can relate to, but which are difficult to present in advertising, making Del Campo Saatchi Buenos Aires’ inventive approach all the more successful in presenting an end to buffering as a selling point for the brand. The approach also  provides plenty of room for further development with future spots in the campaign.



Creative Agency: Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi
Senior Art Director: Fernando Lanuza, Diego Urbano
Producer: Adrian Aspani, Felipe Calviño, Julia Calabria
Head of Art: Mariano Espagnol
Executive Creative Director: Ariel Serkin, Juan Pablo Lufrano, Rafael Santamarina
Creative Director: Agustín Suarez, Sebastián Duccoli
Copywriter: Juan Seillant
Art Director: Javier Agena Goya
Account Management: Manuela Sorzana
Account Director: Ana Bogni

Production Company: Primo
Producer: Victoria Piantini
Photographer : Leandro Filloy
Executive Producer: Alejandro Di Michele
Director: Jonathan Gurvit
Art Director : Rafa Olarra

Editor: Alejo Hoijman
Post Production / VFX
Production Coordinator: Sebas Lopez
Producer: Lucia Ortega
Post Production House: La Posta
Executive Producer: Pablo Tufaro
Compositors: Cristian Bopp, Pablo Maiese, Diego Dzisiuk
Compositor: (Director) Damian Brillantino
CG Artist: Martin Peralta, Cesar Salvatierra
CG: (Director) Nicolas Cantarelli

Music and Sound
Music Production: Pendex Music
Sound Design: Not Deaf Sound