Deep Focus and Toshiba Take #SlashGen Back to School

By Patrick Coffee 

New York-based Deep Focus released a new campaign promoting client Toshiba today, and it’s all about the slashes.

More specifically, it’s about proving that the client’s new “Satellite Radius 5-in-1 high performance laptop” appeals to all members of what someone decided to call the “Slash Generation” because they’ve finally figured out that you CAN have it all as long as you separate each of your identifiers with the aforementioned symbol.

The campaign was released to coincide with the new and improved MS Windows, and the first round of ads stars “quintessential slash gen-er Vashtie Kola,” who takes good selfie and may or may not be a pop musician.


Each of the spots highlights a different role for Kola that follows one of the titular slashes–and the way in which the new laptop helps make it happen.

For the first, it’s “DJ”:

She happens to be a designer too…and the backing music for this one is in no way a shameless Robert Smith ripoff:

Now someone has to sell those designs:

Game, changed.

The “Director” spot does have a pretty good beat:

You’ll find some more on Toshiba’s YouTube page.

The release tells us that Kola isn’t just another “influencer,” because she directed a video for Kendrick Lamar and also recently became the first woman to design a pair of Air Jordans.

The next stage in the campaign launches in August, and it will star more like-minded influencers including a middle-aged man who somehow doubles as “sports entertainer” and motivational speaker.

Whoops…forgot the slash. After watching these ads, we definitely feel like slashing something.

Agency: Deep Focus
Client: Toshiba
Director: Chris Robinson
Production Company: Robot Films
Creative Director: Eric Christy Manchester
ACD: Neal Desai
Art Director: Ellie Lloyd
Copy Writer: Max Dufrechou
Executive Producer: Paperboy Content / Stacy Paris
Agency Producer: Tara Poynter
Editor(s): Trailer Park
Post Supervisor: John Ryan
Music composing: Sticky Audio
Sound Mix: Mike Rodriguez
Casting: Deep Focus / Robot Films
Head of Account Management: Kristyn Dunlap
Account Director: Ellie Chadwick
Account Supervisor: Megan Russell