DDB’s CCO Speculation

By Kaitlin Madden 

We’ve been getting so many tips and inquiries about what’s going on with DDB Chicago’s CCO situation, we figured it was time to update you. It’s no wonder the Chicago ad industry is abuzz, though. DDB has been sans Chief Creative Officer for more than two years.

According to our tipsters, there are four major theories floating around when it comes to the CCO mystery.

1. The ‘Big Bang’ Theory: An AgencySpy source at DDB says Chicago President Rick Carpenter has been touting the new CCO as a “big name that will send shock through the industry,” and though Carpenter has not disclosed the name of the chosen one, he ensures our source, “The announcement will be coming soon.”


2. The Golden Boy Theory: AgencySpy tipsters claim the “big name” is Jonathan Hoffman, whose credentials include stints as Chief Creative Officer at Campbell Mithun, and Vice Chairman and Executive Director at Leo Burnett. Multiple attempts were made to confirm Hoffman’s role, but DDB Chicago appears to be on lock-down regarding its new executive, and has not commented.

3. The Pessimist Theory: another source says Hoffman’s name is only floating around because “he is jobless and in town.” That source doesn’t see Hoffman as the guy, and instead says he hears DDB is “still hunting and can’t get anyone to sign the contract.”

4. The Exotic Foreigner Theory: a commenter who identifies him/herself only as “Yawn,” speculates that DDB Chicago has actually hired a new Executive Creative Director, who was supposedly “poached from overseas.” Apparently, the talent in question has not yet informed his current overseas company of said poaching, hence the silence on DDB’s part.

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