DDB Wins AOR on BlackRock’s iShares, an Investment Fund for Good Corporate Citizens

By Patrick Coffee 

Oh look, it’s almost the end of the week and here’s a win for DDB.

Nothing more exciting than the high-stakes world of international finance, right? The Omnicom network won global agency of record duties for iShares by Blackrock, which deals in exchange traded funds. And those are exactly what they sound like: funds led by groups of investors that are traded on the markets like standard stocks.

The brand has already released a new visual identity, and now DDB San Francisco will play lead, collaborating with DDB Mexico and adam&eveDDB London, to develop a new brand platform and subsequent campaign to promote the offering.


BlackRock launched a new ESG MSCI USA Leaders ETF, which “tries to invest in the best corporate citizens in the U.S.,” just over one week ago by ringing the bells on Wall Street, and the Journal reported that they did quite well by raising more than $850 million.

Here’s your press quote from John McCarthy, who left Y Media Labs to become president of DDB San Francisco a little while ago: “The drive iShares has to reimagine the investment category coupled with our experience in using creativity to drive growth is going to result in an incredible combination. We can’t wait to see what we build together.” he added that the win emphasize’s DDB’s focus on “purpose-led brands.”

We’re guessing that the campaign, set to launch later this year, will focus on personalizing those best corporate citizens. As this video from 2015 shows us, the financial aspects of the product may be less interesting to your average Joe.