DDB Chicago Unleashes ‘Tiny Jet’ for Starburst

By Erik Oster 

DDB Chiacago released a new spot for Starburst yesterday called “Tiny Jet.”

The latest attempt to answer the question “How do they get Starburst to taste so juicy?,” the new 30 second spot sees a caterer explain that “They use wicked small fighter jets to shoot the juiciness into every Starburst.” Inexplicable use of the word “wicked” aside, it’s kind of a fun idea, with the fighter jet soaring over a laundry basket and through the kitchen into the living room to shoot juicy missiles at an about-to-be-consumed Starburst, before the jet meets with a surprise ending. “It takes guts,” the moved caterer says, followed by the “Unexplainably Juicy” tagline. Credits after the jump.


Update: DDB Chicago’s latest Starburst campaign also includes the 30 second spot, “Land of Intensity.” One student in a library provides his own answer to the juiciness question: Starburst imports intense juiciness from the Land of Intensity, where everything is super intense. The comical portrayal of the Land of Intensity may be our favorite Starburst explanation yet. Check it out after the jump, along with credits for “Tiny Jet.”


Credits, “Tiny Jet”:


Chief Creative Officer: John Maxham

Executive Creative Director: Mark Gross

Associate Creative Director (Art Director): Alex Zamiar

Associate Creative Director (Copywriter): Jonathan Richman

Executive Director of Integrated Production: Diane Jackson

Executive Producer: Will St. Clair

Production Business Manager: Scott Terry


Production House Credits


Hungry Man

Director: Bryan Buckley


Cut & Run

Editor: Jay Nelson

Producer: Remy Foxx


The Mill

Colourist: Adam Scott

Head of 3D: John Leonti

Head of 2D: Phil Crowe

Producer: Christina Thompson


MUSIC (Tiny Jet)