DDB UK and Tropicana Spit in God’s Fruit-Creating Face for New Campaign

By Bob Marshall 

See that weird thing in the picture? Remember when President Bush didn’t want to use stem cells for medical purposes and you were like “G-dubs, you so crazy. It could help a lot of sick people!” Well, now who’s crazy? Look at that thing. It kind of upsets you just looking at it, doesn’t it?

Well, it’s part of Tropicana’s new campaign for their odd mix of juice flavors combining orange with other fruits. Tropicana, wanting to position themselves on the forefront of juice experimentation and creativity, have DDB UK creating these simple print ads void of any copy but disturbing nonetheless.


Among Tropicana’s juice mixtures are Orange and Watermelon (as seen above, and it doesn’t sound good), Orange and Lime (has potential, though it sounds better as a Dairy Queen slushy) and orange with passion fruit (could really go either way). Really, it’s just another thing to buy when you’re drunk and grocery shopping.

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