DDB & Tribal Gets Its Goat On for TomTom

By Erik Oster 

DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam launched a new digital campaign promoting the TomTom Bandit action camera with introduction of “Baaadass Bill,” a 2’9″ mountain hero (and, uh, mountain goat).

A 1:45 spot called “King of the Mountain” goes all-in on the internet goat phenomenon, introducing the character and his unique dilemma: he’s been recording great footage for years but has no way to share it with the world. The solution, of course, is the Tom Tom Bandit action camera, which lets users edit footage by simply shaking their phone. And the footage that Baaadass Bill gets? It’s completely ridiculous, of course, featuring the mountain goat snowboarding, base-jumping, skiing and wing suit flying. There’s also a mobile site where visitors can learn more about Bill’s adventures as well as social content and a Facebook competition giving participants the chance to win an “action trip” to Whistler, Canada.

“Everyone knows that mountain goats can do amazing things, but it’s never been clear how amazing until now” said Gary Raucher, senior vice president, marketing, TomTom.  “The TomTom Bandit makes it so easy to edit and share, that now anyone can share their skills with the world.”


Title: King Of The Mountain
Client: TomTom

Client: Gary Raucher, Austin Simms, Patrick Stal
Product: TomTom Bandit Action Camera
Length in seconds: 01.45
Agency: DDB & Tribal Amsterdam
Client Service Director: DDB & Tribal Amsterdam
Project Director: DDB & Tribal Amsterdam
Concept : DDB & Tribal Amsterdam
Creative Director: DDB & Tribal Amsterdam
RTV Producer: DDB & Tribal Amsterdam
Production Company: Brenninkmeijer & Isaacs
Producer: Oskar Bård, Sebastian Hedin
D.O.P.: Kjell Lagerroos
Producer: Sander Brenninkmeijer
Editor: Fiona Fuchs
Grading: Hectic Electric
Online: Hectic Electric
Soundstudio: Kaiser Sound Amsterdam
Music: MassiveMusic Amsterdam